Payreq | Epost Integration - Securely Send Pay stubs T4s invoices
Enabling secure digital document delivery

Payreq integrates with epost so you can securely send critical documents (paystubs, T4s, bills and invoices) to your employees and customers' epost digital mailboxes, wherever they are in the world.

Our Products

Payreq helps you easily and securely send out paystubs and T4 slips to your employees (Payreq MyPay) and setup your own company as an epost mailer to send invoices and statements to your customers (Payreq Direct).


Send Documents to your Employees

Easily and securely send paystubs and T4s to your employees epost™ digital mailbox.

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Send Documents to your Customers

Send invoices and statements to your customers as an epost™ mailer.

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Who is Payreq?

Payreq is a certified Channel Partner of epost™ by Canada Post. Payreq is a global specialist in securely connecting employers, billers, and mailers to digital document delivery platforms.


Why use Payreq?

  • Smart & Efficient Delivery
  • Digital Document Presentment
  • Minimal Integration Effort
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    Smarter Document Delivery

    We help you with easy secure electronic delivery of payroll and other important documents.

    Payreq enables you to easily and cost effectively send important documents to your customers’ digital mailboxes using the security of epost by Canada Post. Your customers will receive alerts when they receive new documents, and they can search and view their documents for 7 years.

    We guarantee that bills, statements, paystubs and T4s are successfully delivered through Canada Post’s epost. Payers are notified that a bill is waiting for payment, providing subtle motivations that reduce time to pay, thus increasing cash flow.

    Our system places transactions and document management at the centre of customer engagement, deepening customer relationships.

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    Digital Bill & Document Experts

    We are experts in online presentment of payroll and customer documents.

    Payreq is a global specialist in securely connecting employers, billers and mailers to digital document delivery platforms. We bring innovative, customer-centric solutions to bear on customer problems.

    We provide end-to-end solutions and support for document presentment. Our ability to connect systems and delivery channels is world-class. We work with our clients to provide custom solutions to meet their needs.

    We are experts in understanding the global ePresentment ecosystem and delivering innovative solutions for the problems it presents. We work with our stakeholders to ensure their requirements are met.

    Our participation in industry groups ensures that we are at the forefront of the ePresentment ecosystem, developing products that suit customer needs. We enhance their value proposition to their customers, thus deepening relationships and expanding business possibilities.

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    Minimal Integration Effort

    We integrate seamlessly and effortlessly with epost by Canada Post.

    Payreq provides electronic solutions that seamlessly integrate, direct and automate your document delivery – from bills to payroll we can deliver the required documents to where they need to go.

    Our agile development capability and systems expertise provides a seamless customer experience, connecting all stakeholders in the process with each other.

    Our online digital services produce frictionless delivery of documents, bills, invoices and payroll documents that deliver operational improvements for our clients.

    Our in-house development team can provide automatic linkage to any system with APIs.

What our Customers Think

I’ve worked with a range of IT and payroll systems over the years and the experience adopting MyPay to deliver digital employee pay stubs was simple and amazingly quick. They’ve made it so easy. I’m using it for pay stubs and T4s for my clients. The future has arrived.
- Ron Wells | Ron Wells Accounting
MyPay has made it easy to issue digital paystubs to our 600 employees. This confidential information arrives securely, and our staff members can store their paystubs with government level security in the epost inbox for easy reference anytime. Using Payreq MyPay also standardizes our process and saves delivery headaches. Employees may change their home address, but they don’t usually change their epost email address.
- Shane Ward | Manager, Total Rewards | Art Gallery of Ontario