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Payreq MyPay Employee Sign Up Guide:

You can receive your paystubs and T4s digitally through Canada Post’s epost service. Once set up, you will receive your documents instantly and can access them 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Your documents will be stored securely in epost for up to 7 years (CRA recommends that you keep these documents for 6 years). There is no fee attached with this service and all of your documents will still be accessible should you change company in the future.


Step 1

If you already have a personal epost account please sign in and proceed to step 2. If you do not have a personal epost account you can create one at


Step 2

Once you have signed in select the “Mailers” tab and then select “Add
new document”


Step 3

Choose “Payreq MyPay” from the list of mailers


Step 4

In the first subscription field, enter in the Employer Code (given to you by your Employer) followed by your Employee Id (e.g. if the Employer Code is 1234 and your Employee Id is 98765, you would enter 123498765). In the second field, enter in your residential postal code or ZIP code. Press Continue.


Step 5

If the two fields have been entered correctly, a successful subscription
page will be displayed. Otherwise, an error page will be displayed and
you will have to try again. If you have any issue subscribing, please
contact your Employer for assistance.

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