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September 25, 2020

A great song released by the Supremes around the time payroll management was starting to be digitised in 1966. You may remember Phil Collins revived it in 1982 and teenagers globally were encouraged to manage their expectations about human nature. We aren’t sure that Hi Standard’s 1999 version maintained the message, but perhaps there is something for everyone.

Over the last 50 or so years, technology has progressed the standardised calculation and processing of increasingly complex payroll data for administrators and payroll managers. 

But the reliable and cost effective receipt of pay statements by employees is still governed by human nature.  

You might like the cost, efficiency and compliance benefits of digital pay statement delivery, but will your employee happily adapt to access your portal, or check an email inbox? From early adopters to complete luddites, you may just have to accept that most will love the latest and most efficient technology and others may take a little longer. 

Payreq MyPay can now be teamed up with Print & Post or multi-channel pay statement delivery to manage the spectrum of human nature and fit with the digital migration rate of your workforce. 

MyPay is Payreq’s modern service to deliver pay statement data to employees’ Canada Post epost digital inboxes, often linked to online banking. A great, inexpensive, secure, ubiquitous digital comms channel between you and your employees supported by easy interface between your payroll system and the Payreq online platform. 

Payreq can now offer Payreq MyPay via epost as well as Print & Post to manage the progress of employee adoption for you in one simple agreement. 

Set up pay stub load to the Payreq MyPay system once. And every pay run we’ll send epost digital stubs to subscribed employees and post paper ones to those not yet online. 

You can set and communicate a timeframe for employees to migrate to digital. But you’ll still have integrated no-fuss paper post for those who can’t or won’t ever love digital. 

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