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Tired of resetting passwords for your staff?

March 24, 2018

What if your staff could see their pay stubs with the same password they use to access their bank account?

Because the major Canadian banks are linked to Canada Post epost, most Canadian workers can receive secure documents from you by logging on to their online bank.

With Payreq MyPay you can know that your staff can reliably and securely see and archive their digital pay stubs using credentials they already use most days.

If you provide pay stubs to staff via an in-house or payroll bureau portal, you’ll know the joy of resetting forgotten passwords.

If staff leave your employment but need to see a T4 the following Spring, no problem. With MyPay, the T4 arrives in their epost online inbox, accessed via their bank, and they don’t need eternal access to your online portal or a permanent mailing or email address.

How good is it to see your pay stub and bank balance on the same screen? We know that many workers check their bank account and pay stub to reconcile their income and hours last pay cycle.

Setting up MyPay from Payreq is free and can happen in a few days. Then a low transaction fee ensures a great service for employees and a lot less password resets for you.

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