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Is T4 time like a workplace reunion?

March 24, 2018

Are you a payroll manager spending hours taking calls for staff who don’t even work there anymore?

Is it disheartening to post out all the T4s only to have many of them coming back because the ex-employee has moved?

The “gig economy” is a fact of life, but one outcome is more T4s per worker and more T4s for the payroll office to deliver.

Every February T4s need to go to employees who might not have been employed since Summer! They no longer access your payroll portal and their work or private email address is no longer active. They may have moved postal address. Or they may have simply lost their T4 slip.

So they call, interrupt you, and you manually figure out a new way to send the T4 all over again.

Do most employees have a bank account? In modern Canada the answer is of course yes.

All Canadians are entitled to a free Canada Post epost account accessible direct from the epost site or their online banking:

Do most online banking systems have a epost inbox service? Yes, the secure inbox provided by the Canada Post epost service via all the major Canadian Banks allows a worker to receive digital T4s (along with pay stubs and other documents) from any employer who can send them through this secure digital channel. These documents are stored for the worker for 7 years equally reliably and securely in the same place as bank balances and transaction histories.

How easy does this make tax return time? Much easier for workers and payroll managers.

How can an employer use epost to deliver T4s and pay stubs to ex-staff (and current staff)? Payreq MyPay from Payreq is a simple, online service to do this. In partnership with Canada Post, MyPay is helping payroll managers send T4s and pay stubs to registered epost recipients all over Canada today.

Easy to register, easy to load pay stubs and T4s via a secure online MyPay portal.

Is this easier for all my current and future employees? Of course. Employees receive all their T4s (including the one from you!) into their own, secure epost account accessible 24/7 wherever they currently are in Canada or abroad. Taking less calls from ex-employees is just one time-saving benefit of the MyPay service.

So while a reunion with an ex-staff- member is often fun, perhaps not by phone when the fortnightly pay run is due in 20 minutes!

Meanwhile, get started for free with Payreq MyPay:

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