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Are you Married to Your Payroll System

March 24, 2018

Payroll systems are big calculation machines creating reports and in some cases, automatic submissions to the government. Theoretically, you could move your employee list from one system to another. You might want to do this for ease of use, new features - and the big one - cost

Some platforms provide an employee portal for employees to log into to get their employment documents, both current and historical. 

It is one thing to swap out the payroll engine, but this is difficult if you have to transition all of your employees over to a new portal and transition the historical documents to the new system. Using an employee portal that is separate from the payroll system itself means you can change your payroll system without impacting your employees. 

epost is effectively an employee personal secure portal where all their payroll documents can be delivered and stored for 7 years from your payroll system. Changing payroll systems does not change how the employee’s access their historical ad future documents. 

Of course, the trick is getting the documents out of your current payroll system and sent to the employee’s epost account... 

Some payroll systems have an epost connector but many do not. Offering access to the employee portal is a safe and easy way for your employees to receive their documents via epost. Turning off a payroll system does not mean your employees will lose access to the delivered historical documents.

Payreq MyPay is an easy way to send employee documents generated from your payroll system to epost.

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