Guaranteed Secure Delivery

Payreq MyPay utilises the security and encryption of epost by Canada Post, guaranteeing that your employees receive their pay documents. All epost data is stored within Canada and is protected with bank-grade security.

Self-Managed Console

See your employees registrations, deregister old employees and manage document delivery.

Start Within Days

Start using Payreq MyPay within days using our easy setup process.

How It Works


Ask your employees to sign up with Payreq MyPay through epost. To learn how click here.


Generate your employees’ paystubs or T4 slips as PDFs.


Upload your PDF to the Payreq MyPay console. Payreq distributes individual paystubs or T4s to your epost-subscribed employees.


Canada Post epost delivers the payroll documents to your employees in their personal epost digital mailboxes. epost notifies them when their payroll documents are available.


Your employees can view the delivered documents for up to 7 years even after they’re no longer with your company.

  • Get Started Today
  • $Employer Sign UpNo startup fees when you sign up online
    • 5 free paystubs
    • 35 cents per additional paystub*
    • 60 cents for other documents* like T4s
    • Simply purchase credits as needed**
    • No monthly fees – pay only for the credits you need
    • * less than 200KB in size

    • **purchased credits do not expire

  • Sign Up

How to sign up to Payreq MyPay as an Employer

Step 1

Sign up for free and upload a PDF of a current paystub.

Step 2

Payreq will configure MyPay to read your PDF paystubs/T4s and set up your access to the Payreq MyPay console.

Step 3

Notify your employees that they are now able to subscribe to receive their payroll documents via the Payreq MyPay epost mailer. Click here for employee guide.

How to sign up to Payreq MyPay as an Employee


Step 1

If you do not have a personal epost account, create one at


Step 2

Sign in and select the “Mailers” tab and then select “Add new document”.


Step 3

Choose “Payreq MyPay” from the list of mailers.


Step 4

In the first subscription field, enter in the Employer Code (given to you by your Employer) followed by your Employee Id. In the second field, enter in your residential postal code or ZIP code. Press Continue.


Step 5

If the two fields have been entered correctly, a successful subscription page will be displayed. Otherwise, an error page will be displayed and you will have to try again. If you have any issue subscribing, please contact your Employer.


Please enter your information below and we will be in touch.